Growing in the Gifts (2 Timothy 1:6-7)

Peter Barnes: Growing in the Gifts, 2 Timothy 1:6-7 (Sunday 14 June 2020 Morning Service, 9.00 a.m.)

John Piper thought Timothy was somewhat overwhelmed with the task that God had given him through Paul.
John Knox was noted for being absolutely fearless, but in St Andrew’s castle in 1547 he was called upon to preach, and his first response was to burst into tears. But Timothy seems rather different to Knox

1. We are to fan into flame our gifts.
– 1:6. Was Paul implying that Timothy is rather timid, and losing some momentum? Paul is referring back to 1Timothy 4:14. Paul ordained Timothy, but there were other elders ordaining him too.
– 1 Tim.4:15; note Gal.6:9. Gifts need to be exercised. Fan the flame. If you are a Christian, you have a gift
or gifts – 1 Cor.12:7. It is not ‘Let go and let God’; it is ‘Do something’.

2. A spirit of fear is not from God.
– 1:7a. ‘Spirit’ or ‘spirit’? The meaning is not radically different.
Also, it is not the usual word for ‘fear’ but more like the word ‘cowardice’.
– Mark 4:37-40; John 14:1; Gen.20:11. When a church fears the press, it becomes useless.
Martyn Lloyd-Jones complained that ‘present-day preaching does not even annoy men’. See Eph.6:18-20.

3. The Spirit gives us power, love and a sound mind.
– 1:7b.
(a) Power. See Eph.3:14-16; 2 Cor.4:7.
(b) Love. See Rom.15:30; Col.1:7-8. Selfishness is our default position, not love.
(c) A sound mind. The NIV has ‘self-discipline’ and the ESV has ‘self-control’.
Rehoboam lost his capacity for sound judgment – 1 Kings 12:6-11.

14 June-Sunday Morning Sermon Notes