The New Covenant in Christs’s Blood (Luke 22:20)

Peter Barnes: The New Covenant in Christs’ Blood, Luke 22:20 (Sunday 24 May 2020 Evening Service, 6.00)p.m.

The Passover meal was supposed to have had four cups, and Darrell Bock is one of a number of scholars who says that verse 20 refers to what is probably the Passover’s third cup.

1. The new covenant fulfills the old covenant.
– Luke 22:20. See Luke 1:72; Jer.31:31.
– there is only one covenant of grace – Hebrews 13:20.

2. The new covenant is inaugurated through Jesus’ blood.
– Ex.24:8.
– for ‘cup’, see Mark 10:38-39, Luke 22:42. It is the cup of God’s wrath against sinners – Ps.75:8; Jer.25:15; Rev.14:9-10.
– Jesus will drain the cup of God’s wrath so that it would become a cup of blessing (NKJV, ESV) or thanksgiving (NIV) for us – 1 Cor.10:16. ‘Rabbi’ John Duncan said that the cross is to be understood as ‘damnation taken lovingly.’

3. This covenant is for sinners.
– the sin offering in Lev.4:18, 25, 30. See too Isa.53:12. Matthew and Mark both say: ‘This is My blood of the covenant which is poured out for many’ (Mark 14:24; Matt.26:28), with Matthew adding ‘for the forgiveness of sins’. ’This is for you,’ says Jesus, ‘I will bear the judgment that you deserve so you will know the blessing that you do not deserve.’
This is the core of the gospel.
Once it was mine, that cup of wrath,
And Jesus drank it dry!
With the coming of Christ, the covenant is new; the covenant is won through the death of the Messiah;
and the covenant is for sinners.

24 May Sunday Evening Sermon Notes