The Bondage of Lust (2 Samuel 11:1-27)

Peter Barnes: The Bondage of Lust, 2 Samuel 11:1-27 (8 March 2020)

Calvin says this should ‘make our hair stand straight up on end’. John
Owen: ‘Many conquerors have been ruined by their carelessness after a
1. Sin arises first in our hearts and minds, before the act.
– 11:1-5. Job was wiser – Job 31:1. Uriah was well-known to David –
read 1 Chron.11:41; 2 Sam.23:39. Temptation so often is a gradual
thing – James 1:14-15.
– 1 Corinthians 6:18. Joseph fled; David did not. Why did Paul write 1
Corinthians 10:12? Why did the Psalmist write Psalm 139:23-24? Guard
your heart – Mark 7:21-23.
2. Sin entangles us.
– plan A in 11:6-9; a modified Plan A in 11:10-13. That fails too.
– Isa.48:22; 57:21; note Ps.119:9-11; Prov.28:13.
– 11:14-21. This is Plan B. Note Judges 9:50-53.
– 11:22-25. Calvin refers to David’s ‘dishonest cruelty’.
3. The holy God sees all things.
– Psalm 32:3-4.
– 11:27b. See Heb.4:13; 13:4. Spurgeon: ‘Remember the shame of sin
when tempted by the sweetness of sin.’
God is displeased with sin because God is holy. God is only pleased
with His eternal Son, and with all who have taken refuge in Him.