God Rescues from All Adversity

Peter Barnes: God Rescues from All Adversity, Psalm 107:1-32, 33-43 (23 February 2020)

The Psalmist gives four situations where God’s people find themselves
in adversity, often through their own fault. We are also told of their
responses to these adversities, and God’s responses. All of this takes
place within a general framework of thankfulness to God – 107:1-3.

1. Four kinds of adversity.
(a) Lost, hungry and thirsty – 107:4-5.
(b) In bondage and darkness – 107:10-12. Whatever this describes
exactly, it is said to be the fault of these people.
(c) In folly – 107:17-18. They were their own worst enemies.
(d) Dangers on the sea – 107:23-27. This adversity is not brought on
themselves. They just seem like traders.

2. Cry out to the Lord for deliverance.
– 107:6 (for those who were lost, hungry and thirsty); 107:13 (for
those who had brought darkness and bondage upon themselves); 107:19
(for those suffering because of their own foolishness); 107:28 (for
those who were in trouble on the sea). God is not simply a lifejacket
for when you are in trouble but He is there for us to call upon.

3. Give thanks to the Lord for His deliverance.
– 107:1. He feeds the hungry and the lost – 107:8-9. He releases those
in bondage and darkness – 107:14-16. He brings wisdom to fools –
107:21-22. When the plague broke out in Dundee in 1545, George
Wishart went there and preached on this text, with the plague-affected
people outside the gate and the healthy people inside. God stills the
storm – 107:29-32; Mark 4:35-41. Alexander Duff read this to the
ship’s company after a shipwreck in 1830.
The Lord is sovereign in punishing – 107:33-34. And in blessing –
107:35-42. Cry out to the Lord and be thankful. Think on these things
– 107:43. Adversity will drive you to God or from Him. Remember:
‘He sent out His word and healed them.’