All History Praise The LORD

Peter Barnes: Psalm 106:1-23, 24-48 (16 February 2020)
All History Praise The LORD

Psalm 105:1-15 is also found in 1 Chronicles 16:8-22 where the ark of
the covenant is brought into Jerusalem. Psalm 105 deals with Israel’s
history from a positive angle – God had blessed her greatly. The next
Psalm, Psalm 106, deals with Israel’s sin in a darker way, as the
history of Israel’s sin. Back in the seventeenth century on Richard
Baxter’s pulpit in Kidderminster, Psalm 105:1 was inscribed. It tells us
to do three things: give thanks to the Lord, pray to Him, and declare
His works among the peoples.

1. For God’s great works.
– 105:2-5; Abraham in 105:6-15; Joseph in 105:16-22; Moses in
105:23-36 (starting with the ninth plague, that of darkness); the exodus
out of Egypt in 105:37-42.
– All history is in God’s hands – 105:23-25. God was even behind the
turning of the Egyptians against Israel. Verse 5 mentions miracles, and
we see them mentioned in verses 27 and 41.

2. For God’s everlasting covenant.
– 105:7-11, 19, 42. How can the covenant with Abraham be an
everlasting covenant? (105:8, 10) See Gal.3:9, 29.

3. For God’s electing grace that leads to obedience.
– 105:12-15. God chose them; they did not choose God – 105:6, 26, 43.
W. S. Plumer: ‘There walks not this earth a man who is too humble
in the sight of God.’
– 105:43-45; see Rom.8:3-4.
All His works – everything that God does – praises the Lord. So
praise in song, bow in prayer, and declare to all the wonders that God
has done for His chosen covenant people.