Facing Life’s Battles (Psalm 28)

Peter Barnes: Psalm 28

(22 December 2019)


Did David write this during his troubles with Saul or with Absalom?

1. Cry out to God for help.

– 28:1-2. Here is David looking at the pit, and pleading for mercy. Death itself – the pit – seems very close. Look at how God is described: ‘my rock’ – see also Ps.18:2.

– Spurgeon: ‘We stretch out empty hands, for we are beggars; we lift them up for we seek heavenly supplies; we lift them towards the mercy seat of Jesus, for there our expectation dwells.’ See Heb.9:11-14.

2. Do not join with the wicked.

– 28:3-5; Mark 9:48. The people who tell you that there is no judgment are not your friends; they are telling you the opposite of what God says here.

3. Trust the Lord and praise Him.

– 28:6-7. Spurgeon: ‘When the heart is glowing, the lips should not be silent.’

– How do you get from verses 1-2 to verses 6-7? Look outside of yourself; look not to your sacrifices and good deeds, but to the most holy sanctuary, where God meets His people.

4. Plead for His people.

– 28:8-9. David is now concerned with the people of God.

– Ps.23:1; Deut.1:31; Isa.46:3-4.