The Life of Moses: The Canaanites & the New Morality

Peter Barnes: Leviticus 18 : NO AUDIO

(11 August 2019)


– Ecclesiastes 1:9 says us that there is nothing new under the sun.

1. God’s Word is different and life-giving.

– Gen.15:16; Lev.18:1-5; a deep contrast there between God’s word and the Egyptians and the Canaanites.. Rom.12:2. The threat is 18:24-30.

– 18:5. In the ten chapters of Leviticus 18-27 we read the declaration ‘I am the Lord’ thirty times.

2. No incest.

– 18:6-18. In the Egyptian royal family brothers married sisters. Muhammad married his own daughter-in-law (Surah 33:37-38).

– 1 Cor.5:1-2; Amos 2:7. In 2007 a man in the United Kingdom married his own mother-in-law after he divorced his wife.

3. No child sacrifice.

– 18:21; 2 Kings 23:10; Jer.32:35. The Canaanites offered their children in sacrifice to Molech to gain favours from him. Linda Bird Francke records one teenager saying: ‘It kills me that this abortion is going to be on Saturday. That means I won’t be able to go out Saturday night.’ We have become our own Molechs.

4. No homosexual acts.

– 18:22. Andrew Bonar writes of ‘the grossest and most shocking lust’.

5. No bestiality.

– 18:23. The Hittites said it was only allowed with a horse or a mule! No wonder there is 18:26-28. In purity there is life – 18:30.