Who Rules the World?

Peter Barnes: John 19:7-13

(4th August 2019)


– the kings of this world or the King of creation?

1. The empty boast of the unregenerate man.

– 19:7-9. ‘Where are you from?’ probably goes back to 18:37. But the poor flogged accused man does not answer – Isa.53:7.

– 19:10. Weak people are assertive precisely because they are weak.

– 19:12. Defriending someone on Facebook is one thing, but ceasing to be a friend of Caesar was more serious. Note John 12:42-43.

2. God holds sway over all the world.

– 19:11. Nebuchadnezzar was battered about before he finally saw the truth – Dan.2:20-21; 3:16-18, 28-29; 4:30-35. Our times are in God’s hands (Ps.31:15a). Even the king? Yes – Prov.21:1.

– Calvin: ‘all events are governed by God’s secret plan’, and ‘it is certain that not one drop of rain falls without God’s sure command’. Hence Matt.10:29.

3. We are still morally responsible.

– 19:11; this could be Judas but is more likely Caiaphas. Luke 12:47-48. Caiaphas had greater spiritual privileges compared to Pilate.

– Romans 3:22-23 is not saying that all sins are equal but that Jews with the law of God sin and Gentiles without the law of God sin. 2 Tim.3:13 shows that not all sins are equal.

– Genesis 50:19-20; Luke 22:22; Acts 4:27-28.