Christ in the Hands of Fearful Sinners

Peter Barnes: John 19:1-7

(28 July 2019)


– here is a battle of wills.

1. Weakness leads to capitulation to sin.

– 19:1. Pilate had already ventured his opinion regarding Jesus in 18:38. Luke gives more details – Luke 23:13-25.

– there were three forms of Roman flogging, and Andreas Köstenberger and Craig Keener guess that this was lightest one. Craig Blomberg argues that this is the severe flogging.

– here is a place for doing the lesser evil in order to stave off a greater evil e.g. see Matt.19:7-8. But that takes clarity and moral strength to implement, and Pilate does not possess either. Three times Pilate said that he considered Jesus not guilty (18:38; 19:4, 6).

– he seems to appeal to their sympathy – 19:5. ‘Look at the man!’ probably means ‘Look at the poor fellow!’ But this doesn’t work.

– 1 Cor.16:13; Ps.18:1.

2. Hardness of heart leads to cruelty.

– 19:2-6. Human beings without the Holy Spirit can be brutal.

– 19:7. Behold the poor man or the Son of God. Note John 5:18; Lev. 24:16. Jesus’ day will come – read 2 Cor.5:10-11.

3. Christ is full of steadfast love.

– Isa.53:5; John 10:11, 17-18. The Jews found guilt in Christ and wanted blood; Pilate found no guilt in Christ and still caved in; we should see guilt in ourselves but salvation in Christ.