Before Annas, the High Priest

Peter Barnes: John 18

(16 June 2019)


Annas was actually the high priest between A.D. 6-15, when he was deposed by Gratus, the Roman procurator. The high priest was meant to be for life (Num.35:25). The trial before Caiaphas is found in Mark 14:53-65; John only says that Jesus was sent to Caiaphas (John 18:24).

1. Evidence will not convince the hard-hearted.

– 18:12. Recall 18:5-6, 10; Luke 22:50-51. Did any of the soldiers or temple police start to wonder that they had got this horribly wrong?

– Acts 4:15-17. The spiritually blind see what they want to see.

2. God speaks through whomever He likes.

– 18:3-4; John 11:46-53. Caiaphas knew more than the miracle of the repaired ear; he knew of the miracle of a man raised from the dead.

– Num.22:27-31; 24:17; Luke 19:37-40. In 2015 the anti-Christian group, Fairness in Religion in Schools, paid for a billboard which proclaimed: ‘God says you are stuck in your sin and need to be rescued from his judgment.’ FIRIS was declaring the gospel.

3. Bullies do not listen to evidence.

– 18:19. Stalin’s question in World War II: ‘How many divisions has the pope?’ Annas is not neutral – Eph.4:17-18.

– Jesus’ teaching was always open, and never secretive – 18:20-21; see John 6:22-24, 59; 7:28-29; Isa.45:19; 48:16. Unlike Gnostic secret passwords; Freemasons; and Mormons.

– 18:22-24; Acts 23:2-5. Athanasius: ‘the truth is not preached with swords or with darts nor by means of soldiers; but by persuasion and counsel.’