Call to the Lord in the Day of Trouble

Peter Barnes: Psalm 50:15

(26 May 2019)


(Psalm 50:15)

Spurgeon: ‘Oh, blessed verse!’

1. This life has trouble.

– Job 21:30; Ps.27:5; Jer.16:19-20; Nah.1:7; Hab.3:16; Ps.20:1; Prov.24:10; 25:19; Jer.51:2; Obad.14.

The day of trouble may be the diagnosis of cancer, it may be the rebellious child, a relationship which is struggling, failures in business or at college, Asaph is not specific because it is a general observation.

2. We are to call upon the Lord.

– calling on Yahweh in the Old Testament becomes calling on Christ in the New Testament – Joel 2:32; Acts 2:21.

No one else can offer hope.

3. The Lord promises to deliver.

– the Lord delivers in all circumstances – Dan.3:16-18; Heb.11:32-38. See at verse 35 in Hebrews 11 where there is a turning point, from wonderful deliverances in this life to being terribly persecuted but still delivered. Ultimately, it is deliverance even from the last enemy death.

4. His people will glorify Him.

– This is where all human history is heading. See Ephesians 1:3-14 – salvation is planned by the Father, achieved by the Son, and made known by the Spirit, all to the praise of His glorious grace.

– Augustine: ‘There we shall be still and see; we shall see and we shall love; we shall love and we shall praise.’