Life of Moses: The Tabernacle for Worship

Peter Barnes: Exodus 25-31

(26 May 2019)


Arthur Pink: ‘We have now arrived at the longest, most blessed, but least read and understood section of this precious book of Exodus.’ It is all meant to be a shadow of something greater – Heb.10:1.

1. God is present.

The tabernacle is put together with the gifts of God’s people, but designed by God – 25:1, 9; 31:1-11. It indicates God’s presence – 25:8, 21-22. The bread is called the bread of the Presence, meaning the presence of God – 25:30. See too 29:42-46.

2. God is holy.

– 26:31-33; 29:21.

3. God is merciful.

– there is a mercy seat – 25:17-22; 29:39.

4. The shadows point to Christ.

(a) The mercy seat – 25:17; Hebrews 9:5; Romans 3:25. Luther translated ‘propitiation’ as ‘mercy seat’. In Christ we are safe; outside of Christ we are damned.

(b) The bread of the presence – 25:30; John 6:35.

(c) The lampstand – 25:31; 27:20-21 (presumably the same things) and John 8:12; Rev.1:12-13.

(d) Access to the holy place. The curtain shielded the Holy of Holies – 26:33; see Matt.27:50-51; Heb.9:8, 11-14.

(e) God’s presence – 25:8 and John 1:14 (The Word tabernacled amongst us).

(f) Repeated sacrifices become one perfect sacrifice – 29:39; Heb.10:11-12.

In the New Testament, this is all fulfilled (1 Cor.3:10-17; Eph.2:11-22)