Life of Moses: The Song of Moses

Peter Barnes: Exodus 15:1-21

(3 March 2019)


– the first song in the Bible, and it centres on God and His victory over His enemies. Exodus 14-15 is like Judges 4-5. Moses’ song is a victory song, celebrated again in Psalm 106:8-12 and Revelation 5:3-4.

1. God’s victory over His enemies.

– Ex.15:1-3. Over two million voices! Even greater in Rev.5:11-12.

– 15:4-10, 12, 20-21. Calvin: ‘The beating of timbrels may indeed appear absurd to some, but the custom of the nation excuses it’. Calvin and Arthur Pink also explain that Miriam as a prophetess sang to the women, not the men. All of that seems rather ham-fisted.

– there were no women priests or women elders, but there were prophetesses who spoke to both men and women – Judges 4:4; 2 Kings 22:14; Isaiah 8:3. If Moses was 80, Miriam must have been about 90!

– 15:5, 7, 10, and in the future 15:16; see Rev.15:3-4. We have been looking at the poetry, but verse 19 is the prose. If the Allies rejoiced when Germany and Japan succumbed in 1945, believers will rejoice far more so at the final victory of Christ.

2. God is the only God.

– 15:11; Ps.97:7; Isa.45:5-7. The false gods of Egypt are crushed.

3. God will bring His people safely home.

– if you have an ESV, verses 13-18 are in the past tense; if you have a NIV they are in the future tense. It is the prophetic past where the future is so certain that it is referred to in the past.

– 15:13-18. See Josh.2:10-11 for Rahab.

– Ex.15:17-18. Zion and the temple. Rev.19:15-16