Life of Moses: Redeemed, Remember, Guided

Peter Barnes: Exodus 13

(17 February 2019)


From Exodus 13-18 we have recorded the first two months of the Exodus (cf. Ex.19:1). Heb.11:28-29.

1. Redeemed by the lamb.

– actually the third time that Moses gives regulations regarding the Passover and the week-long Feast of Unleavened Bread. This time we have this strange commandment about the firstborn – 13:1, 11-15. Israel is God’s firstborn son – Ex.4:22-23. Note Deut.18:9-10.

– firstborn sons had to be redeemed – read 13:12-13. The firstborn donkey (unclean) could be redeemed with the blood of a lamb.

– the Righteous dies in place of the many who are unrighteous.

2. Remember the lamb.

– 13:2-10. 2 Tim.2:8. Remember? How could we forget? But we do!

– 13:8-10. That is probably metaphorical – 13:16. Later generations took it very woodenly and missed the point – Matt.23:5.

3. Guided by God.

– 13:17-18. There is a lesson for us: God does not always lead us by the most obvious or direct way, but it is for our own good, if we are Christians.

– 13:19-20. This goes back to the death of Joseph – Gen.50:24-26. By faith, Joseph wishes to be there, God has promised it, so Moses acts.

– 13:21-22. If ever a people needed a GPS, Israel did. A sign of God’s presence (Num.14:14). ‘I will never leave you nor forsake you’ (Josh.1:5; Heb.13:5).