Life of Moses: The Wages of Sin

Peter Barnes: Exodus 11:1-10, 12:29-36 (NO AUDIO)

(3 February 2019)

SERMON NOTES : THE WAGES OF SIN (Exodus 11:1-10; 12:29-36)

This is the prelude to the last and most terrible plague.

1. God shows His favour to His people.

– 11:1-3; Gen.15:14; Ex.3:22. God rules in the hearts of idolaters and pagans, and makes them generous towards Israel.

– 12:35-36; as it was prophesied, so it happened. See too Dan.1:20; Isa. 44:28-45:4.

2. The wages of sin is death.

– 11:4-6; see Gen.2:16-17; Ex.33:20; Ezek.18:4.

– Rom.6:23. The death penalty hangs over all sinners. Why do people not look to Christ as Saviour? Because they do not like to think they are in any danger.

– Ra could not hold back the darkness, let alone death. God neither slumbers nor sleeps (Ps.121:4), and He comes to judge those whom He has warned. He carried it out – 12:29-32.

3. Grace and judgment go together.

– 11:7-10. Anubis, one of the Egyptian gods, had a canine form, so that might be behind the expression.

– Rom.11:22. He is kind and severe, not kind or severe, but both together.

– Dan.5:23. The wages of sin is death; that is written all over the world. The free gift of God is eternal life in Christ Jesus; that is declared to all, but only believed by those whose hearts are melted and who are drawn irresistibly to Christ.