Life of Moses: A Bridegroom of Blood in Egypt

Peter Barnes: Exodus 4:18-31 (NO AUDIO)

(2 December 2018)


In himself Moses is an inadequate man with a huge commission from a great God.

1. God encourages Moses in the return to Egypt.

– 4:18-19 (recall 2:15); 4:20 looks back to 4:2-4. He carried with him the reminder and sign that the God who made heaven and earth was with him.

– 4:21-23; Josh.11:20 and Gen.15:16. God is sovereign over evil.

– God calls Israel His firstborn son. This language is rather restrained in the Old Testament. See Hosea 11:1. Christ is true Israel.

2. God confronts Moses regarding his neglect of the covenant.

– 4:24-26. Allan Harman: ‘probably no single section of Exodus is more difficult to explain.’ John Currid says that God seeks to kill Gershom, Moses’ son, but it is probably Moses himself. Obviously if God sought to kill Moses, He would not have missed – Ps.135:5-6.

– Zipporah remedies the situation by circumcising one of her sons, either Gershom or Eliezer. See Josh.5:1-9. Alec Motyer: ‘covenant signs express covenant promises to covenant people’. The signs are commanded – Luke 7:29-30.
3. God further encourages Moses on the way ahead.

– 4:27-31. God is at work, and it looks like a straightforward experience of grace.

– But read Mark 4:16-17. Many of the Israelites were in that ‘second soil’ category. Twice the book of Romans uses the expression ‘the obedience of faith’ (Rom.1:5; 16:26).