Life of Moses: The God of the Burning Bush

Peter Barnes: Exodus 3:-10

(11 November 2018)


– 3:1-3. Horeb is Mount Sinai, and later Moses will be led back here to receive the law of God. Egyptians looked down on shepherds – Gen.46:34. Moses has spent forty years looking after sheep. Alec Motyer says this is Moses’ conversion, but surely it is his call.

– Moses meets the Angel of the Lord who is the Lord Himself – read 3:2, 4, 6. See John 1:1; Judges 13:21-22. God the Father speaks to His people through the Son.
1. He is holy.

– 3:5, 6b; Josh.5:15; Ex.15:11; Isa.6:1-5. How often do we meet a sloppy ‘hail fellow well met’ attitude to God?

2. He is the eternal God of the covenant.

– 3:6. This is the God of the covenants – of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob. See what Jesus does with this verse when He debates the Sadducees over the reality of the resurrection of the dead in Mark 12:26-27. Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob are alive; God is still their God.

3. He is compassionate.

– 3:7, 9. God is sufficient in Himself but we see His compassion here. Psalm 146:5-9.

4. He delivers His people.

– 3:8, 10. He rescues His people from slavery and will bring them to a land flowing (‘oozing’ says Alan Cole) with milk and honey.

Here is the God of the burning bush, revealed in Christ, His eternal Son. He is holy; He is the eternal God of the covenant whose people are His forever; He is compassionate, and He delivers His people from bondage to blessing.