Life of Moses: Learning the Hard Way

Peter Barnes: Exodus 2:11-25 (NO AUDIO)

(4 November 2018)


Between verse 10 and verse 11 there is almost forty years, and between verse 11 and verse 25 there is another forty years. Acts 7:22.
1. Moses as a believer who sins.

– Moses underwent a spiritual change – Acts 7:23; Heb.11:24-26. He turns from privilege, pleasures and possessions, and embraces affliction, scorn and the promised Christ, before the events of Exodus 2:11.

– 2:12-15. His heart is transformed, but he does not get everything right. Remember Jesus’ words about John the Baptist – Matt.11:7-9.

2. Moses grows as believer.

– 2:16-22. He does better here, not unlike Boaz who is committed to justice and defending the oppressed – Ruth 2:15-16

– ‘Zipporah’ means ‘bird’, but ‘Gershom’ means something like ‘stranger in a strange land’. Heb.11:13; 13:14. Moses would spend forty years as a nomad in God’s Leadership Development Programme.

3. God in His compassion remembers His covenant.

-2:23-25. It is a sad state of affairs when the civil power is oppressive – Prov.29:2. When it is said that ‘God remembers His covenant’, see Gen.15:13-14.

– God is self-sufficient, and does not need anything from us, but He is moved by the groaning of His people – Isa.63:9. This is not the God of Deism or of Freemasonry – who winds up the clock and then lets it run – but the compassionate God of the covenant.

In a far greater way we see this in Christ and the new covenant. There is God’s compassion and His implementing of a far more wonderful deliverance from a far deeper slavery.