Life of Moses: Slaves in Egypt

Peter Barnes: Exodus 1:1-14

(23 September 2018)


Moses is mentioned nearly 700 times in Scripture. He was also the author of one Psalm: Psalm 90. He lived for 120 years: his first forty years in Pharaoh’s palace; his next forty years as a shepherd in the desert; and his last forty years leading Israel to the borders of the Promised Land of Canaan.
1. God’s Commandment and Promise Fulfilled.

– 1:1-7. The first word is actually ‘And’. Behind all this is the creation mandate – Gen.1:28; and God’s promises to Abraham – Gen.12:2; 15:5. God explained to Abram what would take place – Gen.15:13-16.

Only seventy made their way down to Egypt, and Joseph was already there, but at that stage they hardly looked impressive. Francis Rowley:
Days of darkness still come o’er me,/ Sorrow’s paths I often tread,/ But the Saviour still is with me;/ By His hand I’m safely led.

2. Times of Trial for the People of God.

– 1:8. A Pharaoh was ignorant of what Joseph had done for Egypt. There are plenty today who have forgotten what Christians have done down through the ages.

– 1:9-14. See Acts 14:22. Expect trouble in this world.

– 1:14. Josephus mention digging canals – Deut.11:10. Oppression in Ex.1:13, but not in Lev.25:43, 46.53. Arthur Pink: ‘Times of severest trial have always been seasons of blessing to the people of God.’

3. God’s Sovereign Timing and Over-ruling.

– God’s sovereign plan from Gen.15:13, 16. Isaac Watts: ‘He has led you as one blind by the way you didn’t know, and has made darkness light before you, and the crooked straight!’