Isaiah: Song of the Wasted Vineyard

Peter Barnes: Isaiah 5:-17 : NO AUDIO

(9 September 2018)


– Ps.80:8-16; Isa.27:2-6; Ezek.15:2-6; Luke 20:9-10, 15; John 15:1. Alec Motyer calls Isaiah 5 the ‘last, grimmest section of his preface’. It is almost introduced as a love song (5:1), but becomes an indictment.
1. God has made sufficient provision for our salvation.

– 5:2, 3-4. God had done all He had to for His vineyard. He had prepared, dug deeply, planted, built a tower and erected a wine vat. He called Abram out of the darkness of moon worship; He sent the promised sons for the great nation; He brought His people out of slavery in Egypt; He brought them through the Red Sea; He fed them in the desert; and He led them into the Promised Land. He gave them His moral law for them to live by and His sacrificial law to illustrate atonement for their sins.

– that is even truer for the Christian. The marriage banquet is all prepared.

2. Our sins are our fault.

– 5:2, 4, 7. The ‘wild grapes’ are literally ‘stink-fruit’. We have all had the experience of biting into a piece of fruit which we expect to be delicious, and it is nothing of the kind.

– God demands fruit from us – Matt.3:10; 7:19-20; 21:18-19; John 15:8, 16. Calvin: ‘every pretence of ignorance is fully and abundantly taken away by the outward call.’

3. Sinful unfruitfulness leads to judgment.

– 5:5-6. The vineyard will become a wasteland; the Promised Land will become like the Garden of Eden when it was cursed – Gen.3:18. See Lev.26:32-35; John 15:1-6.

– Gal.5:19-24. Be branches in the true vine, and so bear good fruit.