Dealing with Doubt: Luke 7: Jesus, the Expected One

Shane Gooch: Luke 7:18-23

(26 August 2018)


We live in an ever-changing world

  1. Doubt is in our nature

“Honest doubt is not a bad starting point, but it is a bad finishing point” John MacArthur

There is such a thing as healthy skepticism – Act 17:11

Even the greatest of the saints struggled with doubt – Abraham (Genesis 17:17), Moses (Exodus 3:10-15), Peter (Matthew 14:31; 16:21-23 cf Luke 9:20)

2. Why do we doubt?

We may face trials & hardship – Luke 3:18-20; Matthew 11:2

We are misled by popular opinion – Luke 7:16,17; 9:19

We have misplaced expectations – Luke 3:1,17

3. How should we deal with doubt?

Bring our questions before the Lord – Luke 7:19,20 cf 3:16

Allow God to speak on His terms – Luke 7:21,22 cf Isaiah 29:18; 35:5,6; 61:1

Trust Him – Luke 7:23 cf Isaiah 8:13-15

We have a never changing God. Christ is even more than we expected. Blessed are those who do not doubt Him.