Revelation: The Sealed in Babylon

Peter Barnes: Revelation 14

(8 April 2018)

The chapter at least breaks into three obvious sections: the Lamb and the 144,000 (14:1-5); the three angels warning the world (14:6-13); and the Last Judgment carried out by the Son of Man (14:14-20).
1. Christ’s people are sealed forever.

– 14:1-5. We met 144,000 back in Revelation 7, and must assume that they are the same body of people.

– it is surely Zion in heaven – Gal.4:26; Heb.12:22. The virgins are presumably spiritual virgins – 2 Cor.11:2. If you do not take it that way, it looks like only celibate men are in heaven.

– they represent those redeemed by the Lamb on earth, and who are now in heaven awaiting the resurrection of their bodies.

– on earth, they were spiritually pure; they follow the Lamb wherever He goes; they have been redeemed from the rest of mankind as the firstfruits for God and the Lamb; and they are true (14:5).

2. Angels declare the gospel of salvation and judgment.

– both sweet and bitter – 10:9-10; Mark 1:15. Three angels tell of God as creator and judge – 14:6-11. The first angel says that we are to fear and worship Him; the second tells us that the great enemy of God’s people is fallen; the third angel tells of an everlasting judgment.

– ‘an eternal gospel’ (14:6). We are to worship and fear the Creator (14:7); and endure, keeping the faith and the commandments (14:12); know the blessing of what it means to die in the Lord (14:13).
3. The Son of Man will judge the earth.

– 14:14-20. Verses 19-20 are pictorial. Literally, they would refer to 300 kms of blood, about four feet deep! The language is that of Joel 3:13.

– look how Christ is described – 14:1, 14 – Lamb and judge.