Revelation: Christ v’s the Dragon

Peter Barnes: Revelation 12

(11 March 2018)


William Hendriksen: ‘In each vision we make a journey that takes us through the entire course of this era, from the first to the second coming of Christ.’ Derek Thomas see Revelation 12 as ‘the key to the entire book.’ It can be viewed as Genesis 3:15 writ large, as the whole of church history in one chapter!
1. Christ’s victory over Satan on earth.

– 12:1-6. This is about the battle between Christ and Satan down through the ages. Satan attempst to kill the Christ child, who is the Messiah promised in Psalm 2 – Ps.2:7-9; Matt.2:13-18.

– John 8:44. But the victory belongs to Christ – 1 John 3:8.

– Christ is said to be snatched up to God and to His throne. The Father protected and vindicated His Son, especially in the resurrection and the ascension.
2. Christ’s victory over Satan in heaven.

– 12:7-12. Michael only appears in three books of the Bible – Daniel, Jude and Revelation. Calvin identifies Michael and Christ.

– Matt.12:28-29; Luke 10:18; John 12:31-33; Rom.8:1, 33-34; Col.2:15. Satan is still fierce – 1 Pet.5:8.

– this has happened ‘now’ (12:10). Up until this time Satan had some access to heaven – Job 1:6. But the cross changed all that. John Newton: I may my fierce accuser face,/ And tell him Thou hast died.

3. Christ’s protection of His people.

– 12:13-17. Satan now goes after the children of Mary, but fails.

– 12:11, 17. A Christian looks to the blood of the Lamb, gives testimony to that, and prefers death to sin.