God’s Laws and Policies in a Fallen World – Laws Regarding Sexual Relations

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Peter Barnes | Ex.22:16-21; Lev.20:10-16

Ex.22:16-21; Lev.20:10-16

– based on the seventh commandment (Ex.20:14).

1. Modern moral confusion.

– It is a common view today that nothing sexual is wrong; it is all a matter of identity. We promote immorality and then try to curb some of its outworkings.

2. Sexual relations before marriage is a serious sin.

– Ex22:16-17. The penalty for sex before marriage was that the seducer would have to marry the woman unless her father objected strenuously. See too Deut. 22:28-29.

– sexual relations join us to another person in a way that nothing else does (1 Cor.6:16). The biblical order is leave, cleave (hold fast), and become one flesh – Gen.2:24.

3. Adultery, homosexuality, incest and bestiality were capital crimes.

– death for adultery – Lev.20:10; incest – Lev.20:11-12; homosexual acts – Lev.20:13; bestiality – Lev.20:15-16; and rape – Deut.22:25-27.

– but note David (2 Sam.11-12; Ps.51) ; Joseph in Matt.1:18-19; adulterous woman in John 8:10-11.

– Prov.6:30-35. Our society acts as if that were not true.