God’s Laws and Policies in a Fallen World – The Old Testament Sabbath

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Peter Barnes | Ex.20:8-11; Deut.5:12-15

Ex.20:8-11; Deut.5:12-15

– the question of the Sabbath is especially dogging the evangelical Church today. Bonhoeffer: ‘the renewal of this holiday must begin with the renewal of preaching.’

1. The Sabbath celebrates the end of the creation week.

– Ex.20:8-11. Luther: ‘The Sabbath was a sign of the covenant between God and the people of Israel was therefore intended only for them.’

– but God says to remember the Sabbath – Ex.16:22-23 (before Ex.20); Genesis 2:3. Philo called the Sabbath ‘the birthday of the world’.

– Martyn Lloyd-Jones: ‘you cannot make a man observe the Lord’s Day by Act of Parliament; that is not the way to do it.’ Robert L. Dabney thought the state must protect the Sabbath.

– the two nations which abolished the seven-day week – revolutionary France in the 1790s and the Soviet Union after 1917 – both had to backtrack. The Sydney Morning Herald in 2014 argued for ‘Shopping 24/7: time to reap the benefits’. Wrong again!

– Mark 2:27 – it was made for man in general.

2. The Sabbath celebrates redemption from slavery.

– Deut.5:12-15; see Col.3:12-13

3. How the Sabbath was to be kept.

(a) There was to be no trading or working. Neh.10:31.

(b) Warfare continued seven days a week. Josh.6:1-5.

(c) Necessary and good work was allowed. – Matt.12:11-12.

(d) There was to be worship of God. Luke 4:16.

– Isa.58:13-14.