David and the Kingly Line of the Messiah – David’s Census, part 1

Peter Barnes | 2 Samuel 24

2 Samuel 24, part 1

Walter Chantry: ‘David was not out of the Devil’s reach when his hair was grey.’

1. The sin of Israel and of David.

– 24:1. Why was God so angry with Israel? 2 Sam.15-18 and 20?

– David’s sin seems clearer. There is nothing wrong with counting heads – Num.1:1-3.

– probably connected to a military motive – 24:2. Measuring success by statistics is a dangerous exercise for evangelists and for churches. Augustine: ‘All other vices are to be apprehended when we are doing wrong, but pride is to be feared even when we do right.’

2. The sovereignty of God over evil.

– 24:1; 1 Chronicles 21:1.

– Job 1:12, 21 for another example; two motives involved in the crucifixion of the Messiah – Acts 2:23.

3. David’s sorrow over sin.

– 24:2-4; see 1 Tim.3:7. Joab senses something is wrong before David.

– 24:10-15. Three possible punishments – 24:12-13. God causes grief but He delights in lovingkindness – Lam.3:32-33; note John 3:17.

– even in old age, sin can damage us greatly.