David and the Kingly Line of the Messiah – David’s Rock and Fortress

Peter Barnes | 2 Samuel 22

2 Samuel 22

– a Psalm of thankfulness, which also appears in Psalm 18.

1. Who God is.

David extolls the excellence of God – 22:2-4.

(a) ‘my rock’ (twice); (b) ‘my fortress’; (c) ‘my deliverer’; (d) ‘my shield’; (e) ‘the horn of my salvation’. ‘Horn’ signifies power; (f) ‘my stronghold’; (g) ‘my refuge’; (h) ‘my Saviour’.

– the same God who thundered from Sinai – 22:8-16.

– ‘my lamp’ – 22:29; the One who gives great vigour – 22:30; who is perfect and true – 22:31; the unique God of all – 22:32-33.

2. What God has done and will do.

– 22:5-7, 17-20, 38-50.

– Messianic in 22:44, 50, 51.

3. The need for prayer.

– the whole Psalm is a prayer and a song of thanksgiving – 22:7; it is personal – see the use of ‘my’ in verses 2-4. God hears prayer because of His grace – 22:20.

– 22:21-28. How can David appeal to his own righteousness?

John Woodhouse: ‘David see his life as God sees his life’ (see 12:13).

Dale Ralph Davis: ‘David does not claim perfection in life’s particulars but wholeheartedness in life’s commitment.’ It is rather like what Paul says in 2 Tim.4:7. See Proverbs 18:10.