1 Peter: God’s Pilgrim People in a Hostile World – Living Stones in the New Temple

Peter Barnes | 1 Peter 2:4-8

1 Peter 2:4-8

– The temple in the Old Testament was where the glory of God was made known – 1 Kings 8:10; where the sacrifices took place – 1 Kings 8:63. Yet it was hardly God’s final Word to His people – 1 Kings 8:27. It is looking for something greater – hence Matt.12:6.

1. Christ is the chief cornerstone in the new temple.

(a) the chief cornerstone. See 2:4, 6-7; Eph.2:19b-22.

(b) rejected by men, chosen by God. This is a key point – 2:4.

(c) prophesied in the Old Testament. Verse 6 cites Isaiah 28:16; verse 8b points back to Isaiah 8:13-15 where the stone of offense and stumbling is God Himself; and verse 7 cites Psalm 118:22. This last quote is cited in Matthew 21; Luke 20 and Acts 4:11-12 (and Rom.9:33; 10:11). It is also in Mark 12:10.

Christians are living stones and priests in the new temple (2:5).

(a) Rom.12:1; we are to offer up our whole being to God.

(b) Heb.13:15; we are to offer up praise to God. He is delighted when He is praised as He ought to be praised.

(c) Heb.13:16; doing good and sharing are sacrifices in which God delights.

(d) Phil.4:18; sacrificial giving is an offering to God.

2. Christ is a stone of stumbling to unbelievers.

– 2:8; Prov.16:4; Rom.9:18-22. The unbeliever is put to shame by Christ – 2:6.

3. Where are you?

– You are either standing on the rock, firm and secure, or you are being crushed by the rock. See Matt.7:24-27; John 3:36.