Easter 2016 – The Old Testament Hope of Resurrection

Peter Barnes | Psalm 73; Matthew 22:23-33

Psalm 73; Matthew 22:23-33

Many people say that the Old Testament is only concerned with this life – Psalm 6:4-5; 30:8-10; Eccles.9:4-6.

But read Matt.22:23, 29; Acts 23:6-9; Heb.11:19. Look at the evidence:

1. Enoch and Elijah did not die but went straight to heaven.

– Gen.5:24 (and Heb.11:5) and 2 Kings 2:11-12a. This will happen to Christians who are still alive when Christ comes again – 1 Cor.15:51.

2. In the midst of all his suffering, Job believed in a divine Redeemer who would raise him from the dead.

– Job 19:25-27.

3. David drew comfort from the thought of resurrection when his little son died.

– 2 Sam.12:23.

4. The resurrection is the answer to the injustices of this life.

– Ps.73:1-3, then Ps.73:16-19, then Ps.73:23-26.

5. Some of the prophets refer specifically to the resurrection of the dead.

– Isa.26:19; Dan.12:1-3.

6. In Ezekiel’s vision of revival, the final picture is resurrection.

– Ezek.37:11-14. Revival is new life here on earth; resurrection is new life in the age to come.

7. It is implied in many places.

– Matt.22:31-32; also Isa.53:8-9, 10-12.

Kenneth Macrae whispered to his wife: ‘Cath, my darling, I’ll be waiting for you on the other side.’