Micah: Prophet of Judgment, Peace and Pardon – God’s People Will Arise

Peter Barnes | Micah 7:8-13

Micah 7:8-13

– a strange principle which drives the whole Bible – 2 Cor.4:9-10. Calvin: ‘Though heaven and earth should collapse, we will remain unscathed.’ Micah is prophesying the destruction of Jerusalem by the Babylonians, and then the restoration of Judah seventy years later.

1. God chastens.

– 7:8-9. It is all in the feminine gender; this is Lady Jerusalem.

– Jerusalem deserved what she got in 587 B.C. – Micah 3:12; 4:9-10; 6:16. Jeremiah 52 records the history.

– 7:10; Ps.42:3, 10; 137:3; also Matt.27:43.

2. God restores.

– 7:8-10. It is not Israel’s enemies who will win. Judah will die, as it were, but shall rise.

– 7:11-12. The ‘You’ in verse 12 is masculine, meaning that it is not Jerusalem but Yahweh, God Himself.

– Jer.33:10-12; Zech.9:10; Luke 24:47.

3. God judges.

– 7:10. The enemy mocks Israel: ‘Where is your God?’ But it is she who will get a good look at the mud in the streets. The blasphemer blasphemes, but not in the judgment.

– 7:13.

– Ps.37:23-24; Prov.24:16. God chastens His people, He also restores His people, but He judges those who reject Him.