Micah: Prophet of Judgment, Peace and Pardon – What Does the Lord Require of Us?

Peter Barnes | Micah 6:8

Micah 6:8

– a memory verse. God is good, and we are to be good because that reflects His character (Mic.6:8a; Mark 10:18; 1 Pet.2:3).

1. We are to do justice.

– 6:8b. The NIV says ‘to act justly’. This is binding on us because of the character of God – Deut.32:4; Ps.33:5.

Noah is described as a righteous or just man – read Gen.6:9; contrast with Gen.6:5, 11-12. Joseph, the husband of Mary, is also described as a just man – Matt.1:19.

2. We are to love kindness.

– 6:8c. This sometimes translated as ‘mercy’ (NIV) or ‘loyalty’ (L. C. Allen).

– God delights in mercy and kindness – Ps.72:13; 86:15; 145:9.

– Ezek.33:11; Luke 15:10; Eph.2:4 (‘rich in mercy’).

– Matt.23:23; We are to do justice, but love kindness.

3. We are to walk humbly.

– 6:8c. This is the way of God – Prov.11:2.

– Paul (now David) Yonggi Cho says that the Holy Spirit told him to ‘Act like a big shot’. The Holy Spirit does not come to inflate us.

– Mark 9:33-37; Phil.2:3-8.