Micah: Prophet of Judgment, Peace and Pardon – More Light, More Judgment

Peter Barnes | Micah 3:1-12

Micah 3:1-12

Leaders are judged more harshly because they can do more damage – James 3:1.

1. Confronting unjust leaders.

– 3:1; Deut.1:16-17.

– 3:2-3. They have carried on like cannibals.

– 3:4; Prov.21:13. Prayer is not automatic.

2. The true prophet confronts the false prophets.

– 3:5; Jer.6:14. At the end of 1939, Martyn Lloyd-Jones preached a series of five sermons on Why Does God Allow War?: ‘What if war has come because we were not fit for peace, because we did not deserve peace; because we by our disobedience and godlessness and sinfulness had so utterly abused the blessings of peace? Have we a right to expect God to preserve a state of peace merely to allow men and women to continue a life that is an insult to His Holy Name?’

– 3:6-7; Amos 5:18-20. Contrast with the true prophet (Mic.3:8). See Nehemiah 9:30; Ezekiel 11:5, and note Mark 6:17-18.

3. The city of God will be destroyed.

– 3:9-12. The victims of the Islamic jihadists at the Bataclan in Paris on 13 November 2015 were listening to a band called Eagles of Death Metal, who were singing a song ‘Kiss the Devil’.

What would happen to Samaria (1:5, 6) would happen to Jerusalem, the city of God. Remembered in Jer.26:17-18, then carried out in 2 Kings 25,. Still later, Jesus spoke of this second temple about the year A.D. 30 – Matt.24:1-2.