Sexuality in Genesis – Dealing with Children

Peter Barnes | Genesis 33; 44:30-45:15

Genesis 33; 44:30-45:15:4

– the book of Genesis is such a modern book.

1. Siblings grieve each other.

– 4:8; 21:8-9; 37:4.

– Jacob and Esau in 27:41-46. Sin has painful consequences even in this world.

2. Children grieve their parents.

– Esau and his parents, Isaac and Rebekah in 26:34-35; 27:46.

– 28:6-9. Marriage is good, but believers are told not to marry unbelievers. All Isaac and Rebekah can do is look on with grief that he should wander so far off the track. There is pain in parenting.

– more examples of sin in 19:32; 34:30; 35:22. The bundle of joy at the beginning is a sinner.

3. Yet God’s sovereign goodness remains.

– God is at work. Jacob and Esau experienced some kind of reconciliation – 33:10.

– 44:30-45:7. Faith changes one’s whole outlook – 48:21; 50:20-26.

– in Illinois a court has threatened a school with a loss of funding if it does not allow a transgender student (who is male) to use the girls’ change room. We have a society that does not know where sexuality came from and cannot tell what is good or bad. But we have the Word of God which tells us what we need to know. Under the good and sovereign will of God, we can live with joy and integrity before God in an increasingly corrupt world.