Sexuality in Genesis – Blessing, Shame, Distortions

Peter Barnes | Genesis 4:1; 9:20-27; 4:19

Gen.4:1; 9:20-27; 4:19

– Before the Fall, sex was created good, and designed to be expressed within a heterosexual, monogamous, and lifelong union.

1. Some blessing still remains.

– 4:1; recall 3:15. Yet it is not only labour and pain. God has not abandoned His plan of Genesis 1:28.

– 9:1. This repeats what God said before the Fall in Genesis 1:28. Also 21:1-7 and even 26:6-9. The ESV says Isaac was laughing with Rebekah, but the NIV and NASB say he was caressing her, while the NKJV has ‘showing endearment’.

2. Shame enters into relationships.

– Genesis 2:25; now look at 9:20-27.

– Gen.9:23; Prov.17:9.

– Hab.2:15.

3. There are distortions of God’s plan.

– 4:19; 16:1-6. Jacob married Rachel and Leah, plus took two concubines.

– the Qur’an endorses polygamy. Muhammad himself married thirteen wives. The Bible describes what some men did.

– we need God’s wisdom and God’s salvation to make our way through this world.