David and the Kingly Line of the Messiah – David as a Leader of Men

Peter Barnes | 1 Samuel 30:1-31

1 Samuel 30; Matthew 20:1-16

David has to face a number of issues in rescuing his people from the Amalekites.

1. Leadership in difficult circumstances.

(a) Facing a demoralized and angry people.

– 30:1-4, 5, 6a,b. Had David stirred up the Amalekites (27:8). Or if something goes wrong, you blame the leader – Ex.17:3-4.

(b) Facing external foes.

– 30:9-10, 16-20.

(c) Showing compassion to an abandoned Egyptian.

– 30:11-15.

(d) Dealing with internal divisions.

– 30:21-25. In the 18th century the Archbishop of Canterbury received 7,000 pounds per year, and the Bishop of Oxford 500 pounds.

(e) Being generous and shrewd.

– 30:26-31.

2. The responses of a godly leader.

(a) he strengthens himself in the Lord his God.

– 30:6; recall 23:16. If you take nothing else from this study, take this with you.

(b) he obeys the Lord.

– 30:7-8. We do not have an ephod, however much we would love one at times, but the principle is the same.

(c) he attributes all things to God.

– 30:23. When we all realise that, we are not competitors but brothers.