The Last Night (John 13-17) – One in Glory

Peter Barnes | John 17:22-23

Psalm 16:1-11; John 17:20-26

– the Bible speaks of the Christian as being ‘in Christ’ – not just as someone who believes in Christ, but who is in the realm of Christ, incorporated into Him, and receiving all His benefits. I

1. Christians are given God’s glory.

– 17:22a; much debate over what exactly Jesus means by this. J. C. Ryle connects it to 1 Peter 4:14.

– But it more centred on Christ – John 1:14. His miracles show His glory – John 2:11; 11:4, 40.

– Henry Law: ‘In Christ Jesus heaven meets earth and earth ascends to heaven.’ What is glory like? 1 John 3:2. Christ shared the Father’s glory before the world was – John 17:5.

– the believer knows something very real of this glory – 2 Cor.3:18.

– ‘Glory, glory dwelleth in Immanuel’s land,’ wrote Anne Ross Cousin.

2. Christians are perfected in unity.

– 17:22b-23a; recall 10:30.

– Christians express that unity imperfectly e.g. Phil.4:2. Perfection is coming – Heb.10:14.

3. Christians are a witness to God’s mission and love.

– 17:23b. Jesus has come from the Father, and the world may know that the Father has loved those who are in Christ even as He loves Christ Himself. Don Carson: ‘It is hard to imagine a more compelling evangelistic appeal.’