David and the Kingly Line of the Messiah – Mercy Repeated

Peter Barnes | 1 Samuel 26

Mercy Repeated
1 Samuel 26

– similar to 1 Samuel 24

1. Faith means we need to learn again and again.

– we repeat sins e.g. Gen.12:10-13 & 20:1-2

– we need to be reminded again and again (Phil.3:1; 2 Pet.1:12)

Tell me the story often,

For I forget so soon;

The early dew of morning

Has passed away at noon.

2. Faith means we patiently trust God’s providence.

– Abishai (David’s nephew, 1 Chron.2:16) is ready to kill Saul

– David trusts God’s Word and waits patiently (26:10)

3. Faith means we know the depth of sin.

– Saul is like Pharaoh in Ex.10:16-17

– be aware of evil and false faith (see John 2:24-25); David shows mercy to Saul, but does not trust him