The Last Night (John 13-17) – Chosen and Loving Friends

Peter Barnes | John 15:12-17

Chosen and Loving Friends
Ezekiel 15:1-8; John 15:12-25

– love encloses this section (cf. 15:12, 17)

1. Christ’s love is self-sacrificing.

– 15:13; it is actually the same word as ‘set apart’ or ‘appointed’ as in verse 17

– Rom.5:10; for us it means dying daily as in Luke 9:23

2. Christ’s love is close.

– 15:14-15; the gospel leads to obedience (Matt.12:46-50)

– the Christian remains Christ’s servant e.g. John 13:16; Rom.1:1, so obey when we do not understand (e.g. Josh.6:2-5)

– but there is more than being a servant (e.g. 2 Chron.20:7; Isa.41:8; James 2:23; Ex.33:11; John 11:11; see Deut.4:7-8); there is an intimacy to our relationship with Christ that is not there in the master-servant relationship.

3. Christ’s love brings about our love.

– 15:16; see too Eph.1:3-5

– election to salvation, but also to bear fruit