The Last Night (John 13-17) – Love, Obedience and Indwelling

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Peter Barnes | John 14:21-24

Love, Obedience and Indwelling
Joshua 1:1-9; John 14:15-26

– distinction between Christ’s people and the world

1. Our obedience to Christ is proof of our love for Him.

– 14:21; see 14:15, 23-24

– Luke 6:46; see Luke 6:47-49

2. God indwells His people.

– 14:21b-23; Judas must be Thaddaeus in Matthew 10:3

– it is not so much the resurrection appearances of Christ, but the indwelling of God with His people

– Judas Thaddaeus probably has texts like Dan.7:13-14 and Zech.9:9-10 in mind

– Gal.2:20 (Christ); see Ezek.37:27 and Rev.21:3

3. All this distinguishes the Church from the world.

– If we wish to dwell with God in heaven, He must first dwell with us on earth.