The Last Night (John 13-17) – Leaving the World for the Father

Peter Barnes | John 14:29-31

Leaving the World for the Father
Job 9:1-35; John 14:25-31

– the confrontation is looming

1. Christ prophesies to comfort us.

– 14:29; see 13:18-19

– not unlike telling a child that the illness will pass. This is so the disciples would believe.

2. Christ is sinless.

– 14:30; see 12:31; 8:46

– contrast to the Christian e.g. 1 John 1:8, 10; Luke 5:8

– ‘There was no other good enough to pay the price of sin’.

3. Christ goes to the cross because He loves and obeys the Father.

– 14:31; who sent Christ to the cross? Not Caiaphas nor Pilate nor the soldiers nor the crowd. It was the Father (Isa.53:4-6)

* the Son loves His people (Eph.5:25) but He is lovingly obeying the Father who has planned the way of salvation.