Easter 2015 – Meeting the King with the Keys

Peter Barnes | Revelation 1:17-18

Meeting the King with the Keys
Luke 24:36-53; Revelation:1-20

1. Christ is robed in majesty.

– 1:17a; Christ is portrayed in a divine way; see Dan.7:9; Ezek.43:2

– we need to be brought low before we are lifted up (Dan.10:8-9)

2. Christ is tender to His people.

– 1:17b; see Matt.17:6-7

3. Christ is eternal.

– 4:17c; Christ is divine, the first and the last (cf. Isa.41:4; 44:6; 48:12; Rev.21:6; 22:13)

– He is also sympathetic (Heb.4:15). We need both attributes.

4. Christ has power over death.

– 1:18; the need is universal (Eccles.9:2-3)

– But only Christ has the keys to the prison that is death.