Hosea: Love to the Unlovely – Like People, Like Priest

Peter Barnes | Hosea 4:7-19

Hosea  4:7-19;  Galatians 6:1-10

Because  of  the  priests,  sin  is  spiralling  out  of  control.

1. The  priests  have  come  to  thrive  on  sin.

– 4:7-9;  the  more  priests,  the  more  sacrifices,  and  the  more  sin  (cf. Lev.6:25-26);  like  a  dentist  investing  in  a  fairy  floss  company

– God  will  punish  priests  and  people  for  their  deeds  (4:9)

2.  The  emptiness  of  idolatry  and  immorality.

– 4:10-11  –  no  satisfaction

– 4:12-13  –  folly  of  consulting  the  stars  or  a  stick  or  the  entrails  of  a  chicken

– idolatry  and  immorality  usually  go  together  (Jer.3:6;  1 Cor.10:7-8);  applies  to  both  sexes  (Hosea  4:14)

3.  A  warning  to  avoid  apostates.

– 4:15-19  –  directed  to  Judah;  Israel  is  beyond  redemption

– cf.  1 Kings 22:41-44  and  2 Chron.19:1-3  for  Jehoshaphat.

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    I’ve been listening to your series on Hosea by downloading to my laptop. However I couldn’t find the down/load listen button. Can you help me please?

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