Third John: Pockets of Gold: The Short Books of the New Testament – The Blessing of a Good Example

Peter Barnes | 3 John 11-15

(3  John 11-15)

– John  is  contrasting  Gaius,  Diotrephes,  and  Demetrius  in  3 John.

1.  We  ought  to  imitate  what  is  good.

– vv.11-12;  see  1 John 3:7-10;  usually  he  writes  in  terms  of  obeying  the  commandments  (1 John 2:3),  but  all  lawful  motives  are  good

– we  all  imitate  people  –  hence  1 Cor.15:33;  see  also  1 Cor.11:1;  2 Thess.3:7;  Heb.6:2;  13:7;  our  heroes  ought  not  to  be  movie  stars  and  the  like

– probably  not  the  Demetrius  of  Acts 19:24-29

2.  A  good  example  is  seen  by  all.

– v.12;  by  everyone  (e.g. 1 Tim.3:7);  by  the  truth  (maybe  Christ  or  the  Spirit  but  probably  the  gospel  itself);  and  by  John  and  the  apostles

– worth  more  than  the  world’s  acclaim

3.  It  is  important  to  maintain  personal  fellowship.

– vv.13-14  (or  v.15  in  the  Greek  text)

– see  Rom.16:1-6  for  how  personal  Paul  is,  even  with  a  church  he  had  yet  to  visit!

– John 10:3

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