Third John: Pockets of Gold: The Short Books of the New Testament – Rejoicing in Blessing

Peter Barnes | 3 John 1-4

(3  John 1-4)

– 3 John  is  the  shortest  book  in  the  New  Testament.  It  is  written  to  Gaius,  which  is  perhaps  the  most  common  name  in  the  Roman  Empire  (probably  not  the  Gaius  in  Rom.16:23  or  1 Cor.1:14  or  Acts 19:29  or  Acts 20:4.

1.  We  are  to  be  concerned  with  one  another’s  physical  and  spiritual  health.

– vv.1-2;  see  too  1 Tim.5:23

– not  just  preaching  the  gospel  in  Luke 10:25-37  but  showing  kindness

2.  We  are  to  love  in  the  truth  and  to  walk  in  the  truth.

– vv.1, 3;  like  Titus 2:10

– see  Phil.2:5-11  –  not  just  the  truth  about  Christ’s  humility,  but  we  are  to  imitate  that  humility.

3.  We  are  to  rejoice  when  others  walk  in  the  truth.

– vv.3-4;  1 Thess.2:7, 11; 3:1-10;  in  others,  not  in  himself

– joy  in  John 1:4;  2 John 4

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