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Peter Barnes | Jude 24-25

(Jude 24-25)

– it  is  not  clear  whether  verse  24  refers  to  God  or  Christ.

1. God  is  able  to  keep  us  from  falling.

– vv.24a,  1,  21;  see Psalm 37:23-24;  Jer.32:40;  2 Tim.1:12.

– see  also  Luke 22:31-32

2. God  is  able  to  present  us  to  Himself  faultless  and  with  great  joy.

– v.24;  God  or  Christ  presents  His  people  before  the  presence  of  His  glory  in  two  ways.

(a)  His  people  are  faultless.  Eph.5:25-27;  2 Cor.5:21;  then  1 John 3:2

(b)  God  presents  us  with  great  joy.  There  is  great  joy  in  heaven  over  every  convert  (Luke 15:10),  but  probably  Jude  is  referring  mostly  to  our  joy  (Matt.25:21, 23).

3. To  God  belongs  glory,  majesty,  dominion  and  power  forever.

– v.25;  1 Chron.29:10-13.  Thomas  Manton:  ‘the  majesty  of  God,  in  comparison  of  which  all  earthly  grandeur  is  but  the  dream  of  a  shadow.’

– His  is  the  glory (Ps.115:1;  2 Cor.4:6),  the  majesty (Neh.9:5),  the  power (Ps.115:3)  and  the  authority (see  Matt.28:18);  the  song  of  all  the  earth  (Ps.72:18-19)  of  heaven  (Rev.5:13).

– contending  for  the  faith  leads  to  worship  before  the  glory  of  God.

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