Jude: Pockets of Gold: The Short Books of the New Testament – False Teachers Exposed

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Peter Barnes | Jude 12-15

(Jude  12-15)

– grace  is  being  turned  into  immorality  (vv.3-4)

1. False  teachers  are  within  the  church.

– v.12;  the  Lord’s  Supper  either  was  the  love  feast  or  part  of  the  love  feast  (note  1 Cor.11:21-22, 23  which  refer  to  a  meal,  not  a  token  meal)

– like  Simon  Magus  and  his  baptism  (Acts 8:9-13,  17-24)

– the  sacraments  are  commanded  by  God  but  they  do  not  save

2. False  teachers  are  empty.

– vv.12-13;  Charles  Spurgeon  warns  against  using  too  many  images  at  once.  Jude  uses  six!

– blemishes  (the  word  could  mean  ‘reefs’  or  ‘rocks’);  selfish  shepherds  (Ezek.34:2-4);  empty  clouds  (in  a  hot  climate);  fruitless  trees;  waves  carrying  rubbish;  wandering  stars

– all  like  Prov.25:14

3. False  teachers  will  be  judged.

– vv.14-15;  from  the  Book  of  Enoch which  is  not  in  the  Bible,  but  Enoch  is  in  Genesis 5:21-24

– see  Isa.66:15-16;  Matt.13:41

– Matt.7:21-23

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