Jude: Pockets of Gold: The Short Books of the New Testament – The Lawless Are Graceless

Peter Barnes | Jude 8-11

(Jude  8-11)

– grace  is  being  turned  into  immorality  (vv.3-4)

1. The  false  teachers  are  immoral,  selfish  and  arrogant.

– v.8;  Jude  thinks  in  triplets:  they  defile  the  flesh,  they  reject  authority,  and  literally  ‘they  slander  the  glories’

– sodomy  and  sexual  immorality  (1 Cor.6:18);  authority  must  be  apostolic  authority  (Matt.10:40),  slandering  the  glories  refers  to  church officers  in  Thomas  Manton’s  view  (note 2 Cor.8:23),  but  more  likely  is  rejecting  the  angels  who  gave  the  law  of  Moses  (Heb.2:2).

– vv.9-10;  they  abuse  what  they  cannot  understand;  the  fox  in  Aesop’s  Fables who  could  not  reach  the  grapes  so  pronounced  them ‘sour’.

– Deut.34:5-6;  did  Michael  not  slander  the  devil  or  not  slander  Moses?  Zechariah 3:1-5  may  help.

2. All  truth  is  God’s  truth.

– vv.9-10;  refers  to  a  now  lost  part  of  the  Assumption  of  Moses;  Jude  cites  the  Book  of  Enoch in  vv.14-15.

– we  can  cite  non-biblical  writers  when  they  speak  the  truth,  in  part  at  least  (cf. Num.21:14;  2 Tim.3:8;  Acts 17:28;  1 Cor.15:33; Tit.1:12). Quote  the  Qur’an  against  the  Muslim;  George  Orwell  against  the  socialist.

3. Modern  false  teachers  imitate  ancient  false  teachers.

– v.11;  Cain  (Gen.4);  Balaam  (Num.31:16);  Korah  (Num.16:1-3, 28-35)

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