Jude: Pockets of Gold: The Short Books of the New Testament – Contending for the Faith

Peter Barnes | Jude 1-4

(Jude   1-4)

– Jude  is  almost  certainly  a  half-brother  of  Jesus  (Matt.13:54-56)  who  was  not  a  believer  until  after  the  resurrection  (Mark 3:21, 31;  John 7:5)

1. A  Christian  is  called,  loved,  and  kept.

– vv.1-2

– called  (Rom.8:29-30);  loved  (Jer.31:3;  the  NKJV  has  ‘sanctified’  but  it  is  probably  ‘beloved’);  and  kept  (we  also  keep  ourselves  in  verse 21,  but  Christ  keeps  His  own  –  see  1 Pet.1:3-5;  John 10:28)

2. We  are  to  feed  on  the  gospel,  not  polemics.

– v.3  for  what  Jude  wanted  to  write  about;  there  are  plenty  of  polemics  in  the  Bible  (e.g.  Isa.44)  but  we  cannot  live  by  polemics  alone

3. We  are  to  contend  earnestly  for  the  apostolic  faith.

– vv.3-4;  see  1 Tim.6:20;  2 Tim.1:13-14

– false  teachers  come  into  the  church  secretly  (e.g. 2 Pet.2:1;  Gal.2:4);  they  turn  grace  into  immorality  (Rom.3:8; 5:20; 6:1-2)

– Thomas  Manton:  ‘Half-truth  hath  filled  the  world  with  looseness.’

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