Judges: The Dark Ages of the Old Testament – Band-Aid Therapies

Peter Barnes | Judges 21

(Judges   21)

– Paul  Johnson  called  social  engineering  ‘the  century’s  most  radical  vice’.

1.  A  rash  oath.

– 21:1-3;  Benjamin  had  been  treated  as  pagans  (Deut.7:1-3)

– Eccles.5:2, 4-5;  we  ought  to  pray  Psalm 141:3

2.  Two  solutions  by  social  engineering.

(a)  they  attack  Jabesh  Gilead  and  obtain  400   women. Judges 21:5, 9, 10-12

(b)  they  make  provision  for  200  young  women  to  be  kidnapped. Judges 21:13-24;  Matt.23:23-24

– we  ‘solve’  one  mess  by  creating  another.

3.  God’s  evaluation.

– 21:25;  Ps.78:70-72  for  the  true  king

– Augustine:  ‘it  was  a  truant’s  freedom  that  I  loved’.

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