Revesby Presbyterian Church seeks to be a welcoming body of people... | ...who testify to the sovereign grace of God in Christ Jesus.

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Revesby Presbyterian Church


We seek to be a welcoming body of people who testify to the sovereign grace of God in Christ Jesus. Outside of Christ we are condemned, lost and rebellious. In Christ we are saved in every way. We would be delighted if you joined us to worship the only true and living God sought to grow in the grace and truth of Christ, and desired to make Him known to a needy world. Most of all, we would be glad to hear that you are a member of God’s everlasting kingdom through repentance and faith in His eternal Son as Lord and as Saviour.

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Life of Moses: Slaves in Egypt

Peter Barnes: Exodus 1:1-14 (23 September 2018) SERMON NOTES : SLAVES IN EGYPT (Exodus 1:1-14) Moses is mentioned nearly 700 times in Scripture. He was also the author of one Psalm: …

Isaiah: Woe Upon Woe!

Peter Barnes: Isaiah 5:8-20 (16 September 2018) SERMON NOTES: WOE UPON WOE! (Isaiah 5:8-20) – 5:8-20 will look at the first four of six woes, before Isaiah sees himself as under …

Repent & Believe

Peter Barnes: Acts 20:21 (16 September 2018) SERMON NOTES : REPENT AND BELIEVE (Acts 20:21) – William Perkins: ‘These words summarise the complete duty of a minister as a public angel …