We seek to be a welcoming body of people who testify to the sovereign grace of God in Christ Jesus... | Outside of Christ we are condemned, lost and rebellious. In Christ we are saved in every way. | We would be delighted if you joined us to worship the only true and living God... | ...sought to grow in the grace and truth of Christ, and desired to make Him known to a needy world. | Most of all, we would be glad to hear that you are a member of God’s everlasting kingdom... | ...through repentance and faith in His eternal Son as Lord and as Saviour.

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Does God Need Us?

A few weeks ago, in a Scripture class, we drifted off the topic onto ‘the attributes of God’. In answer to a question, I referred to Acts 17:24-25, ‘The God …

Paul as a True Pastor – Proclaimer

Peter Barnes: 1 Thessalonians 2:11,12 (Part 3) SERMON    NOTES: PAUL  AS  A  TRUE  PASTOR:  PROCLAIMER  – Philip  Ryken  on  the  ‘Perfect  Pastor’:  ‘He  condemns  sins,  but  never  upsets  anyone.  He  works  …

Unwitting Testimony – Easter Sunday Night

Peter Barnes : Matthew 27:62-66; 28:2-4, 11-15 SERMON    NOTES: UNWITTING  TESTIMONY Matthew 27:62-28:15  gives  us  two  reports  about  the  resurrection  of  Jesus:  a  true  report  from  some  women  and  a  false  …